Those selfish parkers at it again at A&E

Myrtle Drive, Illingworth Halifax

I wrote to 'Your say' in July 2009 complaining about motorists who block other cars in at the accident and emergency car park at Calderdale Royal Hospital. This selfish, obstructive practice has not got any better.

On January 6 I had to take my wife to A&E and could not park up (already there were several cars blocking legally and correctly parked cars).

Whilst my wife was in A&E I just drove round and round and eventually a bay came vacant, so I duly parked up and paid my extortionate fee and sat waiting.

Then, to beggar belief, a car parked behind me and the driver proceeded to lock his car up. I got out of my car and we had a slanging match.

Then three security personnel approached. The driver then reversed his car a few feet and blocked two other cars in.

I asked security why they allowed him to park illegally; blocking other vehicles (no response), I then asked what happens if the person blocked in wants to get out? Answer: we'd have to try to find the driver. But what really takes the biscuit is the person who would have blocked me in, had I not been in my car, was not a patient or relative or sales rep etc, no, he was a doctor working at the hospital.

Simple thing is for security to ensure parking illegally and blocking people in should not happen. Get a two truck on stand-by and tow these selfish, ignorant idiot to a pound and make them pay. That may stop them, when you hit them in the pocket.

Steve Webster