Thoughtless motorist parks on bus lane

Highmoor Crescent



As a bus driver for many years in Halifax may I, through ‘Your say’, vent my anger at the inconsiderate driver (you know who you are) who parks in the bus lane on Huddersfield Road (heading towards Halifax) every evening up to and past 6.00pm, when the signs clearly state ‘buses/taxis 4.00pm-6.00pm only’.

This inconsiderate person not only holds up the flow of traffic but is allowed to park for free because our police can’t be bothered and the vultures, also known as traffic attendants/enforcement officers etc, don’t go too far out of the town centre. They tend to stay in the vicinity of the town centre persecuting loaders/unloaders, genuine parkers, not meter feeders and people who park on unloading/loading bays, bus lanes, taxi/bus only stops.

If were to go to Australia for a 3-month stay I would know that my car would be safe and secure and free from extortionate parking tickets if I parked on Huddersfield Road bus lane.

Peter S Firth