Time leader showed true colours

Shaw Street

Holywell Green

As a Tory and certainly not a Lib Dem voter, it is surely time for Tory leader David Cameron to show some Tory blue and a bit of backbone and reshuffle his front benches and rid himself of his calamity politicians that are at the present time holding onto their respective positions.

After the Commons vote on the prevention of offenders being offered the vote, which incidentally I believe is surely the correct decision, it is now time to dump that loose cannon Ken Clarke who is proving a liability as Justice Secretary and replacing him with a true Tory with Conservative values, namely David Davies.

Another Cameron favourite Caroline Spelman is one of a number of MPs who was at the very top of the expenses scandal and supposedly Forest Commissioner where she is having a nightmare. Baroness Warsi, Tory party chairman is another loose cannon who irritated most Tory members by suggesting that Islamaphobia was becoming respectable around middle class diners tables.

Now is surely the time for Call me Dave to make up his mind to be a leader like Thatcher or instead become a member of the dilly dalliers round Europe like Heath. The decisions are in his own hands.

Boris Johnson, London Mayor is certainly top comedian in the party but he is right in his insistence that Cameron should show his authority as Tort leader and insist that he honours the pledge in the Conservative manifesto to replace the Human rights act with a home grown constitutional law.

David Cameron should also ask himself the big question who governs Britain? Is it the Tories or the Lib Dems?

We know we are in a coalition but too many decisions are being given to pacify the Lib Dems. Margaret Thatcher never needed to ask who governed the country and her famous words of No, No, No to the European federalists certainly put them in their place and her strengths were rewarded with three successive Parliaments.

For all Teflon Tony’s faults he proved a successful leader of his party and also had three turns in office.

So if Cameron has any common sense at all, he should realise that strong leadership leads to a government that remains in office.

Donald Leach