Time we looked after most vulnerable

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Sandhall Lane


WHEN will this country (which was once known as Great Britain but not anymore, the great has been knockout of it) look after its own?

There is the much needed Heath Stroke Club in Manor Drive. Due to social services cuts in their revenue, our club has been put in the position of losing our funding.

All the members need this club, as they are stroke survivors and consider themselves lucky to be survivors, but this makes us vulnerable in our society and need their club not just socially but for health reasons too.

This is the only club in West Yorkshire which is open every day and has been running almost 28 years.

I am a member myself and attend twice a week. We have the most caring and dedicated staff there is. Yes, there may be other clubs to go to, but this would create a lot of stress for members, and anxiety as they need familiarity to cope.

The highlight of some members’ week is going to the Heath Stroke Club, not being stuck at home, being provided with a hot meal which many would not get if they live alone, and unable to cook, like myself, this is a difficulty. Exercises needed to keep us going and many other things we do all contribute to making us healthier.

Why does it come down to money once again? A lot of us have worked all our lives and feel life is more important than money. People should be put first not finances. It’s time the vulnerable, weak and sick in our society came first. It seems we can help anybody else but not our own. Something wrong here somewhere.

It’s the public who put the money in the coffers, so they should have their say on where it goes.

Please save our club.

C A Ratledge