Todmorden could be like Hebden Bridge

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The majority of people who object to Sainsbury’s were right, we don’t want another supermarket in Todmorden.

Agreed, it is a prime site and in the right location, one: for access to public transport; two: safe access in and out; three: local shops and the market.

However, put Sainsbury’s on this site and it won’t be long before Morrison’s close. This is because the entrance in and out of Morrison’s is a serious accident waiting to happen because if it’s right as reported in the local paper that this wall from Morrison’s along Rochdale Road is going to be raised even more then on coming out of it will be impossible to see traffic coming down Rochdale Road.

The entrance to this supermarket should have been across from the old fire station and supermarket where the car park is.

Local shops, what’s left of them, will slowly disappear. Some think that another supermarket won’t harm them or the market short term, probably not.

We know that the town badly needs employment but looking long term at this town we have with its sweeping hills, tree-lined roads in and out and one of the best parks in Calderdale, we need to promote the town as a tourist attraction and now is the time to build a marina on this site. It was suggested years by Mr Sunderland but then was not the right time as the Rochdale canal has not been fully opened up.

And it need not cost the ratepayers a penny. I am sure grants could be obtained, Lottery funding could be applied for, a private vendor could be approached for the hotel. I believe this project could provide as much employment for the town as a supermarket.

Long term, if Sainsbury’s appeal due to government planning changes they will most probably be granted permission.

Then, due to the government planning changes, it won’t be long before we are fighting off a supermarket for the Rose Street site, well there’s only one left, Tesco. If they get in then goodbye shops, goodbye market. Then we will be known as a supermarket town.

Hebden Bridge won’t let another supermarket in and look at them. It thrives. I don’t think there is one boarded up shop. They open up early and close at teatime and may I add they don’t have bank holidays off, they stay open.

Every bank holiday Hebden Bridge is packed with people. Todmorden could be like that but it’s not. I did not attend the meeting at the Town Hall when Mr Sunderland spoke but as you all must appreciate when making a speech off the cuff some sentence may come out a bit wrong. I have known this gentleman all my life and know he would not intentionally be disrespectful to anyone in this manner.

But I must agree with him on one point, not all, but some market trades seem to set up around ten then start going around three. These are the ones who are harming the market. They need to go back to the days when Mr Boocock had his stall on there; open at seven and close at five.

As for the Rose Street site, we all now know that Primark are trying to get into Halifax, well here we have a site that is big enough for a Primark store and if it was offered to them they would probably snap it up and if it could be built with free underground car parking this would bring employment to the town and would not harm the shops or the market and this is a better option than a landscaped piece of land.

Mr R Young

Derdale Street