Tourism damaged by the clampers

I am on holiday from Australia and today visited Howarth. I parked in the Changegate car park and used all my available change to buy two hours parking until 12.45pm.

I lost my way on returning to the car park, arriving 5 minutes late to find my car clamped by Car Stoppers (Halifax).

I explained what had happened to the clamper but he was insistant that the only way I could get unclamped was to pay 90 pounds cash which I didn’t have. Not to worry, his mate would drive me to the cash machine down the road. I pleaded with the clamper to unlock my wheel but he was adamant that he could not as he had already “called in” to report the clamping. I returned with the cash and paid him.

It is high time that private clampers are more closely regulated before they do irreperable damage to the tourist trade.

Patricia Farrar

Concord NSW