Town’s spirit fills me with pride

I entirely support the views expressed by Bill Mitchell (letters 19 July). The recent EDL demo in Halifax caused a great deal of problems, expense and anxiety.

I personally, along with many other councillors, attended several briefings prior to the event – essential, but inevitably using time that we would prefer to employ on far more positive work for our community.

The police were of course obliged to put in many extra hours in order to protect us from these thugs.

Council officials also had to carry out a huge amount of extra work to help protect us on the day, and to minimise the damage and disruption caused.

I am vice chair of Halifax In Bloom, and many of our displays had to be removed, causing extra expense and inconvenience, so they would not be damaged.

Local businesses had to close, and our police once again had to confront moronic behaviour and risk serious injury in their efforts to contain the EDL.

But, for me, the greatest risk is the damage that can be caused to the spirit of our town.

Since moving here from Manchester six years ago, I have been hugely impressed by the warmth of Halifax people.

Good will and a strong sense of fellowship is the hall mark of this town; tolerance and acceptance is here in abundance.

I have not met one person who has expressed support for the EDL, and many have told me of their sadness and concern that, once again, they picked on our town to be subjected to their hateful behaviour.

All the councillors at the meetings I attended were united: our town, our community, our police, our businesses, have had enough of the EDL. They are not welcome here.

We are building a society where violence and intolerance play no part – this I witness every day, and it fills me with pride for our town.

Cllr Keith Hutson

Warley Ward