Traffic light madness in Calderdale

As a road user in Calderdale I never cease to be amazed by the lack of intelligence employed in its traffic management. I and many others are regularly held up in Sowerby Bridge, the reason almost always is nothing. No broken down vehicle, no crash; just the mind-numbing stupidity of the traffic lights.

In other European countries it has long been custom to adjust traffic lights giving precedence to the needs of the majority, ie to let commuters flow into town in the morning and away in the evening and letting those on more minor roads and pedestrians wait a little longer at these times, but making things better for everyone via reduced congestion. Why do we Brits, who have come up with so many good ideas and brought civilisation to the world have to lag behind and operate with the logic of a banana republic?

With increased traffic on our roads why is Calderdale Council taking every opportunity to narrow them? In this economic crisis it seems to have more money that my old croquet partner, the Sultan of Brunei, to spend on schemes unnecessary schemes such as the one at King Cross.

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