Travesty of democracy!

People of Calderdale beware!

A travesty of democracy has been perpetrated on the evening of June 5. The Copley Valley Scheme was approved on a nod and wink by a handful of councillors, some of whom seemed half-asleep with others mouthing pitifully weak and ineffective objections. The result was a railroading by officers of a blighted scheme costing £60 million.

The Chairman seemed only too delighted to second the motion despite a room packed with angry and incredulous people. This despite more than seven hundred written objections and just three letters of approval for it recorded as having been received prior to the meeting.

The long-term consequences will be the destruction of yet another green valley in Calderdale - beware Ripponden, you are next - for the price of a few jobs, more shoddy three-storey town houses (described as “unaffordable” housing), derisory and totally inadequate contributions to increased school provision and traffic arrangements that will see bottlenecks at both ends of the valley and at the railway tunnel in Sowerby Bridge.

Some of the language was laughable - nay tragic: “additionality”, “self-regulating traffic queues”, “deliveries” by the score.

Wake up Calderdale, before it is too late to save a beautiful valley. If this is democracy give me a benign dictator any day.

John Anderson


Sowerby Bridge