Treasured memories of pool but what of the future?

Back in the 70’s I remember me and my 3 brothers learning to swim at Elland swimming pool in the days when the changing cubicles were around the pool side and up on the balcony.

We all went on to join Elland Swimming Club and on Friday nights, along with other local youngsters,we trained,raced in galas and learned to play water polo.

We were inspired and mentored by local characters such as Julian Robertson,Colin Beswick,Brian Mitchell,Bill Dickinson and Jim Berry.

During this era,as a now highly motivated,competitive group of youngsters we established our own water polo team at Brooksbank school organised by our P.E. teacher John Wisby.Using Elland baths as our training facility we had rigorous training sessions before school started.

Our team included local stars such as the Douglas and Fascione brothers, Andrew Garnett and Jonathan Mitchell.We went on to get into the inter-schools national water polo final two years running (lost both finals!)

These were great times of which I have treasured memories. All made possible by a strong community taking advantage of a hugely valued local asset.

What kind of community will be left by Calderdale Council with cuts of this nature? In a year when Britain is about to host the Olympics.

When will these decision makers stop acting with such introspective self interest and start truly representing the communities you are meant to serve.

Stop cutting these front line services and community facilities and start tackling the rot we all know exists within a lot of these irrelevant and superfluous Calderdale Council departments.

David Garnett