Turning area into car park cash raiser

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Please allow us to use the Courier to reassure our friends and neighbours in Skircoat that, although we took part in the original consultation about the Skircoat Parking Review, we did not agree with worshippers to pay to go to church.

We did not vote in favour of teachers and other school staff being made to pay commuter parking rates and therefore disadvantage our children when it comes to the recruitment of staff.
Also, we did not think it was a good idea to turn our residential roads into car parks to raise money for the cash-strapped council. By the way, despite filling in the original consultation, it has taken three weeks, some phone calls and an email to actually see the results. The council employed a delivery company which failed to deliver either the original questionnaire, or the results, or both to very many addresses.

Sarah and Art Killingback

Godfrey Road