Unions? We still need them!

Quite recently one of the your regular letter writers, in seeking to make a point, cited that Great British comedy classic, “I’m alright Jack”. The title says it all, with Peter Sellers in a magnificent performance as Mr Kite, the Union leader, and his members, skivers, bolshies and hypocrites to a man.

But, this is not the whole story. The film also reflects the inept British management, as played by Terry Thomas, and a pair of ‘spivs’ and conmen, Richard Attenborough and Dennis Price.

Given the state of our political system - all spin and no substance - anyone from either of these groups would be feted, welcomed and rewarded by their political counterparts, be that Blair/Cameron, or Cameron/Blair. We all see daily examples of “I’m alright Jack” (“We’re all in this together” rubbish) or more likely, “I’m not bothered Jack” and until we are set better examples nothing will improve.

And the Unions? Until all employers behave like Dicken’s Mr Fezziwig, by gum we will need them.

Mr D Jordan

Voilet Street