Use an empty building

Primark will not bring more trade to the town centre, only to Primark. People who shop there will not shop anywhere else, especially if it is next to the bus station. If it was at the other end of town they would have to walk through the town to get to it and would see other shops on the way. If there is room for the council offices and Library in the new complex, why not Primark instead?

A Primark store has been no advantage to Bradford, which is a dead town now and Huddersfield benefits from other stores; BHS and House of Fraser.

As far as the council offices are concerned, if the present premises cannot be brought up to scratch what’s wrong with some of our other fine buildings. Brighouse Town Hall is empty and old Post Office building.

Brighouse is in Calderdale, it is flat and has plenty of handy car parks. The new development in Broad Street will not last any longer than the council buildings, certainly not as long as the lovely solid old buildings we have already.

Joan Mortimer

Charlotte Close