Use history to improve our valley

Copley Lane Copley Halifax

Further to recent letters regarding the suspicious closure of Sterne Mill Bridge, now deemed "too dangerous" for pedestrians to use!

Are Council Regeneration officers and local councillors aware of the literary associations with this bridge? Lawrence Sterne hosted a visit by William Wordsworth, who, having heard about a young girl who, whilst meeting her father from work, had fallen into the river and drowned, subsequently wrote "The Ballad of Lucy Grey".

Is it beyond the imagination of our Council to utilise this historical and literary connection, and develop the valley in a sympathetic way (an artisans' village, plus outdoor pursuits centres), instead of pursuing their blinkered vanity project?

Would it not make economic sense (not exactly a strength of this Council, I know) to attract tourists to the "Lucy Grey Bridge" – rather than foisting onto our community the "Ian Gray Folly" – Ian Gray being the Director of Economy and Environment, and accountable for the development plans.

I offer this as an alternative plan to the wanton destruction of our beautiful, green Copley valley.

Steven Whipp