Use resources and do not waste money

The Government come out with a series of platitudes such as “the greenest government”, “sustainable development”, “Christian values” etc. and support an economic system is fundamentally unsound and morally corrupt.

They have a growth phobia when such a policy will result in running out of resources such as oil. Even if more oil was extracted from shale or tar sands, burning it would result in catastrophic climate change. Unlike the self-centred politicians, I am more concerned for today’s youth and future generations.

The present economic system has to have inflation. By keeping interest rates low it is systematic theft from savers. There are alternatives such as resource economics and complexity economics.

Adoption of such policies would probably make life tougher for a majority of the U.K. population and has no chance politically. However, steps could be taken to move in the right direction.

For example, we have resources such as a million empty homes and numerous unemployed whilst people are homeless or living in poor accommodation. A resource economist would use the unemployed to renovate the homes to high standards of energy efficiency.

Conventional economists might say there is no money but a resource economist would not waste resources on the banks, invasion of other countries, a nuclear deterrent that does not deter or the Olympics.

At a personal level, I am trying to be more “green”. I have had a solar electricity system installed to reduce my carbon emissions.

Following a successful hip operation, I can garden more. Consequently, some lawn has been dug up to grow food. With energy and food prices probably going higher these moves are quite sensible under the present economic system.

Barry Crossland

Elland Lane