Valid objections or just sour grapes?

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Catherine Crescent


I read with interest your article (“Asda price too high for Elland”, Courier, March 17). I would like to know who is this “developer”, John Radcliffe?

Obviously an out-of -town speculator with no knowledge of the area.

It seems he can only promote his case by rubbishing that of other people.

He says: “Firms don’t want massive traffic queues outside their doors with 215 cars on Dewsbury Road, Huddersfield Road and Riorges Link Road”.

I would think this would be preferable to huge vans and articulated lorries coming through Elland from his four “cutting edge companies” going to and coming from the M62. If he is so concerned about traffic why doesn’t he make an exit from his site at the Huddersfield Road end straight up to the M62; or would this expense dent his profit margin?

I fail to see how Asda would thwart his aim to bring first class development into Elland. I think the whole article stinks of sour grapes and this is verified by the last paragraph that states that the CCPC has deferred his proposals due to possible flooding implications. The multi-million pound developer, it seems, hadn’t done his homework.

Finally I must congratulate Philip Bartrum, Asda’s property manager, for his mild, sensible response, and wish him all the best in his quest for Asda in Elland.

R Blundell