Vandals ruining our efforts


Holywell Green

I am part of the Shaw Park Regeneration Group organised and set up by Jason Parker.

I have been to both clean-up days and along with lots of other people, spent about six hours helping to remove ivy from a stone wall which we have discovered now needs some attention.

This morning I was informed about damage that has been done to this wall and the well. The well was cleaned out and ready for the finishing touches to the surrounding area when money becomes available. It may take a long time to secure the funds to repair the wall, well, and the pond, on one side of the park, but I would like to think that the damage would not get any worse while we wait for funding. If vandalism continues then we will never have enough money to make the park nice, we will always be catching up on the damage.

The culprits are not small children, or even young teenagers, I think they are older teens who seemingly have nothing better to do with their time than destroy something. It is time they realised they never will have anywhere to go or anything to do if they keep destroying things.

This sort of vandalism is so disheartening to the people who are giving up their time to make Shaw Park a place for children to enjoy their childhood.

Shaw Park was and can be again a beautiful place to go but only if it is not ruined by vandals who tear up or pull down anything they come across.

Mrs Wendy Tooby