Vehicle checks were for the benefit of all

Woodbrook Close

Mixenden, Halifax,

To those who in ‘Your say’, 7 March, say that the police operation at Salterhebble, in which vehicle checks were carried out was “A waste of police time”.

Can they give a better explanation as to why they feel that it was a waste of time. Out catching those who are committing crimes doesn’t really cut it.

Do they realise that part of what is paid in the VED paid by them (presuming they pay it) goes towards covering for those who can’t be bothered paying.

The same with insurance. Money is put into a “pot” to cover for those who can’t be bothered to pay for it.

If everyone who is supposed to pay for these did pay, you might not see as large an increase when it’s due for renewal.

As for seeking advice from the AA/RAC, not the police, on how to maintain their vehicle.

Can anyone say why headlights come in pairs?

Driving on one light is gettig too commonplace these days.

Illegal, but often ignored.

It renders your vehicle unfit for use on the road at the times when their are required. How often do they check the tyres?

Do they inflate all four to the correct pressure?

Everyday checks that tend not to be done every day, before setting off.

Don’t take my word for it, I’m only a non-tax paying cyclist, who has no right to be on the roads.

If I believe what some drivers tell me. Instead of having a go at people like me who’s vehicle doesn’t require VED. Have a go at those tax and insurance dodgers.

After all what happens if they hit your vehicle?

Yes I do have insurance.

S Loftus