Visionaries made Great Britain great

Beechwood Avenue



I fully concur with Mr John Mills of Rastrick, that we need to develop an economy based on innovation and technology not solely financial services, property and retail.

The country and the world is facing a growing energy crisis, as the demand for fossil fuel is rising faster than supply. The problem needs decisive action, and this is a sector where we again could lead the world.

Instead of allowing the replacement of our present Nuclear programme to be built by French companies using existing technology based on Uranium, we could take the lead and develop cleaner safer Nuclear Energy based on Thorium. Not only is Thorium more abundant in the earth’s crust, it does not produce materials that can be used in Nuclear weapons. The USA, India and Russia are already looking at the advantages of this source of energy, so why not us. A government lead project such as this could put Britain back on the map as a country that has vision. It was this country that built Calder Hall, Concorde, the Jet Engine and numerous other examples of technological advancements.

For too long we have been handcuffed to the constraints of the City of London and its culture of short term gain. It’s been over 40 years since Concorde, and the Harrier jump jet. We need to bring back and nurture inspiration of the likes of Michael Faraday, Barnes Wallace , Alexander Fleming, Frank Whittle, and Isambard Kingdom Brunel. It was visionaries like these that made Great Britain Great, not Stockbrokers and Bankers.

Andrew Tagg