Wainhouse was buried at Holy Trinity, not Lister Lane

Baker Fold Halifax

May I express my concern at an a error - for which I was not responsible - which crept into your article on Lister Lane Cemetery ("Come into the Graveyard," 17 July).

Whilst many noted 19th Century people lie buried there; J E Wainhouse was in fact buried at Holy Trinity Church, Harrison Road.

But amongst other significant Haligonians whose memorials may be inspected at Lister Lane, are various Crossleys, more than one founder of the Halifax Building Society, the Governor of the Workhouse, and Abel Dean of the Piece Hall "Jubilee Sings."

As stated previously, Lister Lane Cemetery will be open to the public on Sundays 8th and 22nd August, and 12th September, from 12.30pm. to 3.30pm. Thank you.

David C Glover

Chairman, Friends of Lister Lane Cemetery