Walk around town and count the empty shops

IN reply to Mr Ashley Evans’ letter (re: Northgate House and Library, Yoursay, March 17), Mr Evans seems to know more than we the public.

Referring strongly that Northgate no longer needs the offices and accommodation. How come? Are they moving to the new Broad Street development?

To my understanding we the public will have to pay rent should all the planning and offices move to Broad Street.

Mr Evan is quick to say again the Northgate accommodation is not needed and would be a waste of money to give the lovely building some TLC.

With the climate at the moment and cutbacks why pay high rents for offices and then pay more high rents for library and archives and the inconvenience to the senior public to get to Horton Street?

Sorry to say the design just looks so like of the King Cross Library; large box, small windows.

Mr Evans does not say if he is a councillor or part of this cross-party management that is pushing for the demise of Northgate House. Already the town has lost its look and open spaces so that we no longer see the town hall spire clock coming into town.

The whole of the new development darkens the town. Those who live in the flats, being elderly, have lost their view which they have been enjoying. But Mr Evans, who cares?

Mr Evans mentions improving shopping facilities. Would someone explain, are there to be more new shops left empty like those on the other side of Broad Street? Not one has been let for years!

Also would our councillors have a walk around town and count all the empty shops and charity shops/Pound and 99p shops. We don’t need another cheap store in Northgate.

We need more folk like the Harvey family and stores like his and people with a future insight on what we the Halifax people want. We don’t want another store. Primark is a No No!

I have been in business 50 years in Halifax and our business is in the hands of our daughter. But we need our council to listen to our needs.

K Taylor

Beechwood Road