Warning sign is waste of money

Myrtle Drive



CAN someone from Calderdale Council Highways please explain why we suddenly need a solar powered sign on Ovenden Road between Bank Top and Shroggs Road to tell us to slow down, bend ahead?

Burdock Way flyover has been built for at least 35 years and the bend, as far as I’m aware has always been there. Is it some high powered executive sat in his/her plush office telling us we need their input? (Don’t make my job redundant, I’ve got brilliant ideas!)

And before anyone says “it runs on solar it won’t cost us.” It’s already cost us in manufacture, installation, road closure (isn’t there enough closed roads?) and will cost in future for maintenance for a sign not needed.

What else can our inept councillors do to waste money. Money we haven’t got? I wait with bated breath.

Steve Webster