Was this only place for the library to go?

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Yet again Halifax council have been bought out by planners

Why put the Library tucked out of the way were no one goes.

At the moment its near the bus station, as a disabled person at the moment it’s hard to get to the library. But I’m young, the older person that comes by bus will not be able to get there and saying there laying on a bus well how long will that last.

The Broadstreet development no body wants other then the council they sold the small carpark across from the bus station for shops and the rates are too high and nobody wants them

Could this be the start of another Bradford Hole

The library site just looks like this was the only place for it to go

Just for more shops that we don’t need the shops we have are closing cos of high rates by the council

The skyline of Halifax looks a mess now with the Broadstreet mess.

The council are just looking to line there pockets, If they had nothing to hide why was it behind closed doors

I don’t shop in Halifax cos every thing is spread out all over and parking is a nightmare even for disabled as with the closer of Broadstreet car parking is a nightmare

So to get to the Library it’s going to be a two bus journey

So I won’t be going and most people would not bother you can’t park they clearly have not listened to the public

And what are they going to do with the empty shops. Other councils have made this mistake and can’t come back.

Graham Hale