Wasting roads cash in Elland

I am concerned at the rash of “safer crossings” that have sprung up in Elland also the “huge” sleeping policemen in Westgate which appear to be designed to further infuriate the motorist (do they really need to have such large bumps?).

As a retired ex local government officer I know we need to spend money at this time of the 2010/2011 fiscal year but we have gone too far in Elland.

I was speaking to a hard working Elland councillor the other day and brought up the subject of the badly designed Jepson Lane crossing which is an accident waiting to happen. What a total waste of money and bad design. I worked with traffic engineers in Bradford in the 1990’s and criteria was concerned with motorists vision in seeing the “beacons”. The Jepson beacons are “lost” as you follow the line of properties.

It is a well known fact Zebra Crossings attract accidents. How many have there been so far in the past fve years on Jepson Lane?

And now we come to the Victoria Road crossing below the Brooksbank school.

What a dreadful mistake. Was a survey done to determine the various crossing points that were previously used by pedestrians before a decision was reached as to its exact location? I would estimate that the length of Victoria Road down to Bethesda Chuch is crossed at many various places by residents and pupils to and from the Brooksbank School.

In Bradford surveys would indicate the most frequently used place and this is where the crossing was placed.

Victoria Road is a well used road and speed of traffic during term time is restricted by parked cars. If the council wanted to spend its money two central islands would have done a better job - cheaper too. Ron Cotton

Bowood Road