We agreed to carry out proper consultation

Coun Pauline Nash
Coun Pauline Nash

I was surprised to read Councillor Hardy’s letter in Monday’s Courier: “Why can’t we park near our homes?”

In it Councillor Hardy alleges that the Liberal Democrats are holding up the consultation process in Skircoat Ward. He says that we have not approved the letter and so it has not been sent to residents.

He is mistaken.

The true situation is that the three Ward Councillors: Councillor Hardy, Councillor Thompson and I, have all agreed that any consultation with residents should be carried out properly.

A final letter to residents was agreed at the end of last week following a discussion between the Highways Engineer with Councillor Thompson, who has experience of these schemes, and was keen to ensure the wording was correct.

I was happy to follow his lead on this and I am assured by the Highways Engineer that the revised letter and survey will soon be on the way to residents.

Pauline Nash


Skircoat Ward