We could all offer books to the library

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IN order to cut costs dramatically with the library we already have and want to keep, it’s just an idea, I have a collection of books, both recent, decent, popular, different interests, costly in prestige condition that I am prepared to donate, freely deliver, as well, to the library for them to log, put out on display for loan to our community.

Will it be a good idea if I wasn’t the only one, but many more locals would do the same. Would they be prepared (the council that is) to take the opportunity of an offer like this from a caring community that would save thousands of much needed money and giving at the same time a vast, I am sure, arrangement of books that have to be in new condition and of different material of interest, any material that’s offered that do not come up to their standards can be recycled, with gaining further financial aid to our library. What do you think?

Mick McBride

Moorside Gardens