‘We didn’t know’ is just a fiasco

WHAT a fiasco. I refer to the ongoing library fiasco.

Our councillors have admitted they did not know what they were voting for due to the ambiguous wording! Well councillors, ambiguous means “capable of two or more interpretations”; you’ve all used this on the people of Halifax for years and now you say “we didn’t know” (poppycock).

Also why do we need more retail premises? Especially at the Northgate House end of town. There are empty retail properties across from the new Broad Street development that have not been let since they were built.

My beloved inept councillors have hoodwinked us for years with ‘sorry we didn’t know what we were voting for’ and will continue to do so for years to come because we keep voting them in to speak for us when we should all stay at home at election time.

Steve Webster

Myrtle Drive