We don’t want to be the town of sheds

Further to the Courier headline “Library Latest: IT’S ALL OFF” (February 17) and the letter from Stephen Ainsworth, “Where are the architects in Yorkshire?” (Yoursay, February 16), it is noted that the Central Library saga is still ongoing.

The library shown with Mr Ainsworth’s letter (Highland Archive, Inverness) does resemble a shed, like the proposed library for the Piece Hall. The giant shed at Broad Street, what would undoubtedly be a series of sheds at Northgate should the Central Library and Northgate House be replaced, not to mention the carbuncle next to the Town Hall, unhappily shows us what Halifax might become if we are not careful.

“Welcome to Halifax - town of sheds”, could be placed at the approached to our town.

The point made about going to Scottish architects rather than local architects is interesting. It is a fact that the Central Library and Northgate House were designed locally, doubtless with the interests of Halifax in mind rather than remote designers whose real interests may not be Halifax.

To date Halifax is still blessed with fine architecture including the modern buildings, the Halifax Bowl, The Halifax Building Society, the Central Library and Northgate House to name a few.

So, people of Halifax, continue vigilance on the ‘powers that be’ so they will not allow our town to be spoiled to become a mere clone of many other spoiled towns!

Graham Rigby

Jubilee Road, Siddal