We have developed a shopping mania

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Jubilee Road


Further to the letter “Chain stores are not the answer” from Tim Kirker (Your say, 20 January) and the article about the ruination of Copley Valley. We, the people, must be very vigilant as to what unwanted rubbish is being foisted upon us.

We seem to have developed a mania for shopping and this, in the eyes of some, has become an obnoxious religion, giving very little distinction between one town and any other. I sincerely hope Halifax does better.

Couple with this, we are filling every space with unwanted, often poor quality, housing blocks. Some of which resemble barracks or prisons. On a site not a million miles from my house is a new housing development which fits into my suggestion but with an ecclesiastical looking building of good design which I have nicknamed ‘Halifax Cathedral’.

I hope the nickname sticks because it would be a good destination to give to the bus driver!

This particular development has a diabolical access at the top of a steep setted road and the contractor appears to have tipped a lot of rubbish on to land overlooking the road.

I hope the council will require him to clear up the mess!

Graham Rigby