We have to prioritise and live within our means

Linden Road


I refer to the article by the Halifax, Labour MP featured in Thursday’s Courier (“Let’s have warm homes”). Like many of her colleagues on the Labour benches she still seems to live in a state of denial.

Last year the coalition government picked up the bill for 13 years of Labour excess. What did they find? The bank account was empty and the credit card maxed!

The government did what any sensible person would have done. It stepped back from the brink, reined in the spending and prioritised future outgoings. You cannot spend what you do not have!

I am not writing to argue whether the ‘Warm Homes Scheme’ is worthwhile. I am sure it was well intentioned. However, there is a saying: “you can’t be all things to all men”. In my household we have a limited income. We prioritise our spending and we live within our means. Sometimes, some things just have to come lower down the list. I would expect no less of the Government of this nation.

Marcus Thompson

Conservative Candidate for Skircoat