We know it means second choice

Savile Park Road


JUST what was the point of James Baker’s letter (Your say, April 26)?

It was confined to explaining the Alternative Vote system, something explained in the official Electoral Commission’s booklet sent to every household. Does he think voters aren’t intelligent enough to have understood the booklet?

The problem for the “yes” campaign is that voters understand alright.

l Understand that it would mean second choice MPs.

l Understand that it would mean coalition governments.

l Understand that it would mean election manifestos were meaningless as policies are traded to form coalitions.

l Understand that far from making MPs work harder they can rely on being elected from preferences.

l Understand that MPs can fiddle their expenses with AV just the same as with any electoral system.

l Understand that AV legitimises multiple voting for those who support the least popular candidates.

John Crabtree