We must consider cure for moral failure

I would like to thank Mr Matthew J Eccles for his response to my letter about the riots on London (Your say, August 16).

He makes several valid points. Yes, there are 26 Church of England bishops in the House of Lords, but there are more than 500 other unelected Lords there also, therefore the votes of the bishops have only a small influence. And yes, there are a large number of church schools having worship assemblies.

We all agree that in some parts of London local communities have responded generously.

My point was that there is something wrong in a society where in recent years the banking and finance system has resulted in such a large national debt; where quite a few MPs have cheated on their expenses account; where some journalists on national newspapers have illegally hacked into people’s telephones; where elderly, sick patients in care homes have been badly treated; where marriage breakdowns are so common and the drug culture so evident. I suggest all these things involve some moral failure. Or at least defects. Some consideration of a moral cure deserves a thought.

And this brings in the Christian and other religions. Why not?

Frank Carless

Arden Road, Halifax