We must pay to get the right MPs

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School is nearly out so Education Secretary Michael Gove has turned from tormenting teacher and directed his fire against the increase in MPs’ salaries proposed by the Independent Standards Authority (IPSA) declaring that MPs are “incredibly well paid already”.

In fact MPs’ pay has declined relative to comparable professions because successive governments have ducked and fudged the issue for fear of displeasing a volatile and disenchanted electorate. this has resulted in the bizarre system of allowances which led to widespread abuse and which IPSA now seeks to remedy by abolition or modification. further prevarication by political leaders is likely to lead to further abuses. In order to rectify a thoroughly unsatisfactory situation and attract a higher calibre of Parliamentarian, it is necessary to ignore the howls of protest and accept the wholly sensible recommendations of IPSA. If you pay peanuts, you’ll get monkeys.

Clive Flynn

Wade House Road