We must stop letting down these children in need

For years, as a society we have been letting down vulnerable children who are in need of Adoption. On the one hand, the time taken placing children in desparate need of love and security has been, on average, two and a half years and on the other, the process of approving adoptive parents is also lengthy.

When children are successfully adopted their life chances are greatly enhanced, and so time should be of the essence. To a young child two and a half years waiting for a secure, permanent home is a significant, developmental portion of their lives.

It is encouraging that the Prime Minister will launch an ‘adoption action plan’ this month - he said ‘you can’t put children’s lives on hold while the system gets around to dealing with their case’ and measures will be put in force to speed up placements.

Strict criteria must be followed to approve adoptive parents and make appropriate matches, to ensure chidren’s safety, but a commitment to improving the processes is essential if we really care for our Looked After Children, in Calderdale and the rest of the country.

Christine Bampton-Smith

Liberal Democrat Councillor

Luddendenfoot Ward