We need big shops not more cafes

I have just read the Evening Courier dated 08/03/2011 regarding the Broad Street Complex.

Halifax centre has always been short of big names for shopping. The last thing we need is more pubs/food outlets. It will only attract people for the Cinema or the Bowling.

Where are the shops?

We are screaming out for a big department store, as there is only M&S in the town. We could do with a Debenhams, or a BHS store.

The whole complex seems to be geared up for eating and drinking which is the last thing Halifax needs. Oh and a big car park that will probably cost a small fortune to park in.

The complex will be empty during the day (unless you work there) as there is nothing there to attract shoppers.

Unless you like Bowling, the Cinema, or eating junk food then there is nothing there to attract people, therefore it seems to be a waste of money as a very large part of the residents in Halifax wont use it.

Mick Wood

White elephant - Broad Street. The only thing we need is the cinema, the rest, cafés, cafés, cafés! Nowhere has more eateries than Halifax and we certainly don’t need any more. Big Guns, Bah! Could do better!

Joyce Skujins