We need pair of Barry’s rose-tinted glasses!

Anne Kirker acmpaigner with Don't Bulldoze Our Library hands a petition to Coun Barry Collins.
Anne Kirker acmpaigner with Don't Bulldoze Our Library hands a petition to Coun Barry Collins.

With the ongoing saga that is Northgate House now being dropped until after the local elections.

Why is the Labour & Co-Operative Party councillor for Illingworth and Mixenden still insisting that we are going to be getting a new library? He tried it at the Illingworth and Mixenden Ward Forum. And he’s in the local paper, selling his latest vision on basis that the cost has now gone down.

If the consultation that is due to begin afresh after the elections is to be a fair one then shouldn’t he be keeping quiet about this latest vision? In the interest of fairness at least! At present he’s

presenting two faces to those who he claims to represent. The official face at council in which he agreed that consultation would start, afresh, in June. The second, selling his own vision of the new library.

I don’t know where he gets his rose tinted glasses from, but is he willing to provide everyone else with a pair of the same. I live near one of his other visions & no matter what filter is used or how hard I squint, I cannot see the same building that he does in any picture I take.

There is a library, drop-in centre, chemists & a nursery. Oh and a large supermarket, from one of the big names. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone else? Try it, what do you see in the picture?

It was revealed by Collins, that at least the lower half of the area is being given over to housing and that he is in regular contact with the land owner. This contradicts earlier claims made by him that the landowner could not be traced. Mixenden has lost its library. He has led those in part of his current Ward a merry dance for the last few years. Now his fancy has fallen elsewhere, but for how long.

If the consultation that was agreed would take place, is to be a fair and balanced one then shouldn’t all work on the “new library” be halted?

S. Loftus

Prospective Independent Candidate

Illingworth and Mixenden