We need regularly emptied bins - not bans

There have been many letters recently commenting upon litter and dog mess in public parks but what is needed is a solution which does not unreasonable restrict people and their dogs.

We visit London quite often and walk in the parks, particularly the one at Battersea. It is a large, fully enclosed area with all manner of facilities including a lake, fountains, café areas and playgrounds. It has formal gardens, wooded areas, open spaces and pair-for car parking. Dogs are free to roam practically everywhere.

It is a busy place used by cyclists, runners, walkers and god walkers and the notices say that dogs must be kept under control, also that litter and dog mess must be collected and placed in the bins provided.

Bins are the vital ingredient. Near the entrances and the car parking areas there are litter bins and dog waste bins every few yards. As one progresses further into the park the bins thin out but there are always some in sight.

They are designed to not look out of place and they are never left overflowing, even at peak periods.

Naturally not all the visitors are angels and no doubt the staff must have to do some clearing up but the system works well and one is more likely to come across litter than dog mess.

The solution is lots of regularly emptied bins, not bans.

Edward N Wood

Union Lane