We need strong policies, not jobs for ‘old chums’

Not in real world: David Cameron
Not in real world: David Cameron
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Now that David Cameron has received a right kicking in the local elections, will he now realise what being a true Tory leader is all about?

Being at the beck and call of Calamity Clegg and his shrinking Lib Dems and their mamby-pamby approach is damaging. Loose cannon Boris winning the London Mayoral elections is putting up two fingers to Cameron’s soft approaches and is standing by his own agenda to the applause of many. Cameron’s excuse that he has to lead a coalition Government is wearing thin but at the same time he should not keep cow-towing to the loony Liberal Dems who are continually blocking Tory proposals in what is a fast-changing political world. As I have stated previously, people with real values are needed to take their place. Think what true Tories like Willie Whitelaw, Michael Heseltine, a natural who came up the hard way, and Norman Tebbit who were brilliant strategists when it came to politics. Cameron has surrounded himself with Tory chums, wets of his party and about six Lib Dems who are deciding what can and what cannot be done in the cabinet. The fact is that just 57 Cleggy MPs, 9per cent of the Commons sustain a veto and Cameron lets them dictate policy. George Osborne promised to vet and veto every proposal to pay a state employee a higher salary than the Prime Minister, yet this week’s news revealed that there are over a 100 new public sector posts earning more than the PM. We also learn that Boy George was too busy being chief Tory strategist to find the time so wet ginger nut Lib Dem Danny Alexander is in charge.

Accident waiting to happen Carolyn Spellman, the minister for drought, remember she was the one who was going to flog off all our forests and was caught fiddling her expenses to pay her nanny, is dealing with the drought (fill your jerry cans now). Baroness foot in mouth Warsi has tried to link the rise of UKIP to the decline of the BNP instead of her own party’s failings. Is it any wonder that John Redwood, David Davies and Tory backbenchers are up in arms? More down to earth women who have come up the hard way from working class backgrounds (hardly fits such as Teresa May) like Priti Patel, who went to a comprehensive school in Watford, Nadine Doris who knows what the price of milk costs. But in the absence of such women, Cameron will continue to rely on his old chums he met at Oxford or Eton who have passed their exams, never held a proper job, do not possess precious gift of wisdom of which every successful Government needs. Most people cry out for strong policies like National Health, immigration, Law and order yet Cameron makes gay marriages and Lords reform his top priorities and Boy George taxes the working man’s pasties and does nothing to reduce the crippling price of petrol and gives our money away to the IMF. The days of privilege schmoozers and conveyor belt careerists needs to come to an end and standing by his own current circle is a dangerous strategy for David. Remember it just takes 45 votes from the backbenchers in the 1922 committee in order to challenge Cameron’s leadership.

Donald Leach

Shaw Street

Holywell Green