We need to explore other opportunities at Northgate

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Your columns carry numerous protests against the new proposals to demolish the Library, Archives and Northgate House.

Ian Gray, Director, Economy and Environment, CMBC, speaking at a meeting of the Renaissance Team in 2010, effectively said that refurbishment of the buildings was impossible because Calderdale had no money for this, and demolition was therefore the only solution.

This would involve moving to other (presumably rented) premises, but he was unable to say where these might be or how much they would cost. This approach lacks imagination, and is certainly driven by the Council’s desire to move offices to fill the empty spaces on Broad Street.

But other solutions are possible, and could satisfy the need to keep the existing facilities where they are, at a lower cost, if Northgate House could be sold to a developer who would refurbish it and lease it back to the Council.

Royal Mail are closing and amalgamating sorting offices in other towns, and would probably welcome an offer for the Gaol Lane site.

The money from the sale of Northgate House might go towards this, thus providing a much larger site in an ideal location for the large stores which are said to be waiting to move to Halifax.

These would form a link from the bus station, through Woolshops and the Piece Hall to the proposed new shopping centre in Horton Street.

Why are such opportunities not explored ?

Alan Shaw

Plane Tree Nest Lane