We need to have clear rules on cold calling

Your arcticle of Monday 6th of March informed us that the ‘Crackdown’ on cold calling had taken another step by two more areas in Calderdale about to make cold callers unwelcome.

I work as a market research interwiewer for a multi national company. My work depends almost entirely on cold calling.

I knock on doors and try to recruit people to take part in the national radio listening survey, which the majority of people are happy to do.

This is a very important survey and is at the behest of all the main radio stations in Britain.

There are many areas which have signs on lamp posts etc stating cold callers are not welcome. I normally disregard these as they are not legally binding.

If however, an individual house has a notice, I will not call.

There must be some clarity with these signs directing them at sales persons who to a lot of people are a genuine nuisance.

My job is legitimate and essential for the radio stations and these type of restrictions will only make it harder to do.

Michael Elkin

Skircoat Green