We should be investing in best system in the world

I would like, through the Halifax Courier, to thank Dr Bhatt and his team of specialists for their marvellous pioneering work carried out during the total knee replacement procedure given to my mother at Calderdale Royal in Halifax.

This operation, once carried out allows people of all ages to get back on their feet and about more, hopefully with ease and free of pain. Also I would like to thank all the nurses and staff on Wards 8A and 8B for all the hard work and dedication shown to my mother and all other patients. These people are a very special breed, showing true proficiency at all times and don’t get the recognition they truly deserve. I would like the powers that be to wake up and realise what a wonderful system this is and to inject money in, not out.

We should have the finest NHS system in the world. Unfortunately this will not operate without the correct funding it needs. Maybe the staff should be remunerated to the same degree? Withdrawing funds from this institution is absolutely ludicrous.

Without these dedicated and skilled hospital staff where would we be? I would also like to thank the rehab team and the district nurses for all their care and patience.

Chris Farnell and family

Bridlington, East Yorkshire