We’ve not much to be proud of

Hi ! William;

Reading your piece ‘jailed for horticultural outrage’, I fully expected a typical Daily Mail Littlejohn article.

Blood started to rise as usual, but I continued reading to the end.

It was only when I reflected on the £85.000 luxury bungalow description and looked more deeply, that I found ‘’press clippings of the future’’ and all became clear.

Unfortunately, this scenario could become quite possible.

We no longer have any punishment fit for the crime, no common sense, and there is always someone to be found to blame for any accident that occurs.

G.B. is no more, and apart from the wonderful work carried out by the War Graves Commssion has not very much to be proud of.

We breed few people with backbones any more.

The above will no doubt anger the Liberalists who have so damaged the Country over the years, and therefore due to my age fear to see my name to be seen in print.