We want residents’ parking permits – but think it through

l Of course I am keen to get residents only parking. I can’t wait until it comes.

As someone who lives opposite a school, I spend most of my time trying to juggle times of school openings and closing to try to park outside my own house.

If I have a someone come to my house to attend to building work or maintenance servicing I have to sit and wait outside my house for them to turn up – so that they can sneak in my space.

I could not leave a space even for five minutes as it would be gone and then this would be a great inconvenience to the men who need access to my house.

They cannot park at the opposite site of the road because of the school crossing markings on the road.

My family are happy to pay for the permit because of the relief it will bring. There are permits all over Calderdale. Surely the council should be glad of the income?

Carmel Bedford

Sowerby Bridge

l Just read your article regarding the idea of parking fees for outside your home.

This would be great as long as you were guaranteed a parking spot outside your own home when arriving home from work. We live on Abbey Walk South off Coronation Road. There is only roadside parking available outside our homes.

But when my wife gets home from work at 6pm there is never anywhere to park, because many households have more than one car and these people are inconsiderate to others, when it comes to parking. It is very rare to be able to park outside our own home.

She usually ends up at the end of the street or in the church car park. If the fees were to be introduced would parking bays be painted outside our homes (with the door number painted in middle)?

This in my opinion would be the only way to guarantee our own parking spot. Also what about the households with more than one car, what happens if they take up our spot. It is something that needs a lot of thought put into and residents need to be able to be part of this process.

Dean Brook.

Abbey Walk South, Halifax