We will share Academy plans as soon as we can

Michael Gosling: 'the expansion of Trinity Academy will be open to consultation'
Michael Gosling: 'the expansion of Trinity Academy will be open to consultation'
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In response to your article ‘Why weren’t we asked about new academy’ (15 December 2011) I would like to raise a number of points in response.

It is important to note that the decision it is not yet a final one. The Department for Education (DfE) has to approve this plan, which follows the decision by the Leeds Diocese to withdraw from education provision in the area.

As the article highlights, in these tough economic times purchasing the land and buildings and creating a new academy is not a cost-effective solution to making sure that there are enough education places in the area.

In addition, I have already written to parents both at Trinity Academy and St Catherine’s Catholic High School (SCCHS) to explain that we will share plans as soon as we have them.

It is important to recognise that whilst the council’s acceptance of the proposal or the closure of SCCHS is not for consultation, the expansion of Trinity Academy will be and naturally we will welcome all views as part of this process.

We fully understand that parents and students will want to know more about what these plans mean for them and we are working hard to be able to provide an insight into these as soon as possible.

Every child is unique at Trinity Academy and our ethos is about ensuring that they receive their potential – and this will influence absolutely every decision and every step we take, regardless of the number of places offered.

Trinity Academy is not, nor ever will be, an ‘education factory’. Our students are from all backgrounds and abilities, and what we do is about recognising and responding to these unique traits.

As Principal, I fully recognise that everyone will want to know more and we are absolutely committed to sharing this information as soon as possible.

As organisations that all share the vision of every child getting the very most from their education, I hope that other schools, the community, parents, students and partners will all want to work with us to make sure that every child in north Halifax can receive the education that they deserve.

Michael Gosling


Trinity Academy Halifax

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