We worked hard so we could have a better life

I SEE it’s pensioner bashing time again. Not content with accepting cruel, even sadistic, treatment in hospitals, a choice between eating and heating, once again it’s, “Give up your heating allowance, TV licence and bus passes”.

Well, let me tell people who say and support this, just what people of my age, 79, have done for, and given too, this country.

Born into real poverty and hard times in the 30’s, into the war years, doing our bit, collecting scrap iron, waste paper, jam jars, working on allotments, even giving up our gates and fences, and helping on farms on week ends and holidays, including 6 week summer ones, all for, “The war effort”.

Left school at 14, worked in productive jobs, textile mills, ship yards, iron/steel/engineering works, coal mines and on building sites, rebuilding a war shattered nation, whilst creating the welfare state and NHS for todays ungrateful generations.

At 18 gave two years national service. At 20, back into work force but have to give three years territorial service.

Created a land in which the PM of the day was able to say, after our hard graft, “You never had it so good” true, but my God did we work for it.

And that’s the country we handed over to the next generation.

So, over to they who support the man who said we should give up our heating allwoance, TV licence, and bus passes.

Tell you what PM, just you try it buster.

Eric Firth