Weekend Thought: General election is thought provoking

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The coming general election invites us to think deeply about our hope in God and in each other.

One of our obligations as Christians is to pray for those standing for office. We recognise the enormous responsibilities and the vast complexity of the issues that our political leaders face.

Our second obligation at these times is to set aside apathy and cynicism and to participate and encourage others to do the same, or simply vote on June 8. The Christian virtues of love, trust and hope should guide and judge our actions, as well as the actions and policies of all those seeking to lead our country.

This election is being contested against the backdrop of profound questions of identity. Opportunities to renew our shared values only come around every few generations. We are in such a time. Our Christian heritage, our current choices and our obligations to future generations and to God’s world will all play a shaping role. They must have at their core cohesion, courage and stability.

This country has always had a deep concern for the weak, poor and marginalised, and for the common good. That includes education for all, the need for urgent and serious solutions to our housing challenges, the importance of creating communities as well as buildings, and a confident and flourishing health service that gives support to all - especially the vulnerable - not least at the beginning and end of life, standing up for those suffering persecution on grounds of faith, trafficking and sexual exploitation. I don’t know what the future holds, but I believe God holds the future.