Weekend Thought: Reflect glory of God to others

Halifax Minster
Halifax Minster

The story is told of a man in charge of building a great church.

He was pestered by an apprentice who wanted to design the glass for one of the windows. Finally, he agreed that the apprentice should be given one very small window on the proviso that the apprentice would have to find all the materials himself.

Undaunted, the apprentice carefully swept up all the spare bits of coloured glass that had been thrown away, and he set to work. Slowly and with great care, he pieced together a window of rare beauty. When the church was finally opened, many people stopped to admire and stare in wonder at his small, but so beautiful, iridescent window.

Our lives can be like that – no matter how small we may feel, or how limited our gifts, God can still use us. He can help us to use every bit of time and energy and love that we have, to build a life that is beautiful, and which will reflect the glory of God to others. We may feel that in some way others are more capable than we are and perhaps have greater gifts than we have. Yet God made each one of us as we are.

It is no good pretending or wishing that we were someone else or that we had their talents. We are where we are for a purpose and that purpose is to serve God to the best of our ability.

It may be that we are limited in our resources and haven’t got the same opportunities as others but we need to do our best to serve God with what he has given us.

God will use who we are and bless us as we are faithful to our calling.