Weekend Thought: Remember what makes us special

Halifax Minster
Halifax Minster

My dad says I am really special and I wonder if I really am. Sarah says you need to have beautiful long, curly hair like she has. I don’t.

Mark says you have to be the cleverest in the class. I’m not. Stephen says you have to be able to tell the funniest jokes in the school. I don’t. Lauren says you need to live in the best part of town. I don’t. Matthew says you can only wear the coollest clothes and the most popular shoes. I don’t. Samantha says you need to come from a perfect family. I don’t.

But every night at bedtime my dad gives me a big hug and says “You are really special, and I love you”. My dad must know something my friends don’t.

We all need to be reminded from time to time of what makes us special. We constantly search for acceptance in what we wear or the make-up we put on or the tan we get over the summer. We are concerned because we want to be accepted by people around us. But being special is found much deeper, in a spirit that seeks to imitate the very spirit of the God who created us.

But there is also a beauty that can only be seen by a parent. And so, no matter what we may look like on the outside, our heavenly Father says to us “You are very special, and I love you”. That’s a beauty that comes not from what we look like or even who we are, but from the gracious eyes of our loving Father.

It is said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. It is even truer that “beauty is in the eye of the Creator”.