Weekend Thought: Show some grace

Halifax Minster
Halifax Minster

The story is told of two small county judges who both got stopped for speeding on the same day.

Rather than taking it to a higher court, each agreed to hear the other’s case.

The first judge took the bench while the second stood at the defendant’s table and admitted his guilt. The sentencing judge immediately suspended both the fines and costs. They then switched places.

The second judge admitted that he, also, had been speeding. The first judge immediately fined him £250 with points on his licence and ordered him to pay court costs.

The second judge was furious. ‘I suspended your fine and costs, but you threw the book at me!’ he fumed.

The first judge looked at him and replied: ‘This is the second such speeding case we’ve had here today. Someone has to take a hard line!’

So here’s the question: which do you prefer - justice or grace? We may prefer justice when someone else has done something wrong, and grace when we have done something wrong. If you see someone speeding or using their mobile phone you wish they would get caught.

However, if you are pulled over, you might wish that the policeman shows some grace.

God showed tremendous grace to us when he sent his Son to pay the ultimate sacrifice so that we might have life. This was an unconditional act of love and something that we did not deserve.

‘He came to love, heal and forgive. He lived and died to buy my pardon. Because he lives all fear is gone, and life is worth living because he lives.’
Let me leave you with a challenge – may we desire grace to be shown to others as much as we want it to be shown to us!