Weekend thought: The need to see clearly

Halifax Minster
Halifax Minster

There is a difference between looking and seeing. And sometimes we see, but don’t understand.

And sometimes we don’t understand, so we turn away and look somewhere else for we know not what.

There’s the story of the vampire bat that flew one night into the bat cave, hung itself upside down and closed its eyes, blood dripping from its mouth. The other bats smelled this and said to him: “You’ve found something – you’ve got to show us where it is.” “Leave me alone,” said the bat, “I just want to go to sleep.” “Noooo,” cried the other bats, “you’ve found something – you’ve got to show us where it is.” In the end the bat gave up and said, “OK, follow me.” He flew out of the cave, followed by thousands of eager bats. They flew down the valley and as they approached a forest the bat stopped and hovered in the air, thousands of bats hovering behind him, full of anticipation. “You see that forest?” said the bat? “Yeah, yeah…” hissed the bats. “You see that rock to the left of the forest?” “Yeah, yeah…” “You see the tree next to the rock?” “Yeah, yeah…” “Well, I didn’t!”

The disciples could look at the empty tomb yet did not see or understand that Jesus had risen from the dead. How often do we look but not really see? We can look at the need and suffering in other countries but maybe don’t see the old lady who is alone or the family who are struggling down the street. Maybe we look at our lives but don’t always see God’s plan. May God open our eyes so that we see clearly the wonderful things he has for us.